Mckenna's of Dingle

Our Story

Where it all began with humble beginnings.

Our history

Thomas McKenna, alongside his spouse Joanna, inaugurated the esteemed McKennas of Dingle in 1822, a pivotal moment in local commerce. This establishment swiftly emerged as the premier exporter of mackerel to Spain, solidifying its significance in the maritime trade of the era. Offering an eclectic array of goods ranging from general drapery to provisions, McKennas of Dingle became a cornerstone of the community's commercial landscape.

They had seven children: Mary, Kathleen, Tommy, Paddy, Morris, Jack, and James. Of these, James assumed the mantle of leadership, remaining rooted in Dingle to oversee the family enterprise. His marriage to Mary Fitzgerald, a woman of astute entrepreneurial prowess hailing from Castlegregory, marked a fortuitous alliance.

Mary's industrious nature propelled the expansion of McKennas of Dingle, introducing additional services such as dry cleaning and a bakery renowned for its delectable homemade offerings. Together, they had a family of four children: John, Jim, Bryan, and Paul.

In the progressive landscape of the 1980s, Bryan McKenna returned to his family roots with an ambitious vision. By diversifying operations into the burgeoning tourism sector, he propelled McKennas of Dingle towards unprecedented growth and prosperity.

Today, nearly two centuries since its inception, McKennas of Dingle remains under the stewardship of the McKenna lineage, a testament to their enduring commitment to excellence and entrepreneurial ingenuity

James McKenna

James Mckenna at work in the men's section of the shop. Where men were fitted for suits, shirts and pants. McKenna's dressed ladies and gents alike for whatever the occasion.

McKenna's employed knitters all around the county and country, to knit Aran Sweaters and other fine knitwear. Renowned for its speciality in knitwear and has became a landmark for great value and quality Irish knitwear.

Main Street, Dingle.

MCKenn's of Dingle

McKenna's of Dingle on the left hand side close to where the phone box is in the photograph.

McKenna's Of Dingle Today

Today Mckenna's of Dingle now has a sister shop The Dingle Woollen Company, on Strand Street. The business has changed in the past decade to align with what to our customers want.

We are highly regarded for our knitwear and have always specialised in quality Irish made knitwear. We are renowned for our Aran Sweaters, with generations of families returning with stories of how the generations before them had bought from McKenna's of Dingle.

McKenna's have built a community through the generations of loyal satisfied customers and will continue to do so through the next generation.