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Pure wool slippers are not only unbelievably comfortable but also quite easy to care for. Made to be worn indoors, they are super soft and capable of warming up even the coldest feet. Wool has impressive thermoregulating properties, so there is no need to worry about getting cold at home ever again. We provide customers with attire and accessories made from the finest, softest, most breathable, and hypoallergenic wool. Companies specializing in selling clothes would benefit greatly from carrying a large assortment of our quality woolen products.

They are a renowned wool clothing supplier, beloved for the quality and variety of items we distribute. We work with both retailers and individual clients to deliver a variety of gorgeous woolen goods to shops and homes all over the world. Take a look at our collection to find the types of cozy slippers, clothing, and accessories you and your customers would love to wear.

Every person, who appreciates warmth and comfort is going to absolutely love the Irish slippers we sell in our shop. They are made from quality natural materials, which have been used for their production for hundreds of years. They are meant to be worn inside, therefore their soles are often equipped with an anti-slip feature to prevent slipping on tiles and wooden floors. Soft and hypoallergenic wool used for their padding will make every wearer feel snug and relaxed, even after an exhausting day at work.

People who suffer from cold toes will definitely want to take a look at our collection of Irish slippers. Not only do they help in regulating the body’s temperature, but also cushion the sole of your feet and properly support their arches. Cold evenings and nights will no longer discourage you from spending time with your friends and family playing board games and drinking hot cocoa. We offer many different styles of Irish slippers – ankle-length and shorter to meet our customer’s expectations and preferences.

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